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     Piano Chap's tips for your piano



​             Position your piano away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

Regulate the piano's temperture and humidity.

Use a moist, soft cloth to clean the exposed surfaces of the piano and dry carefully.



Avoid using your piano to place house plants & tea cups upon.

Avoid household cleaning agents to clean your piano.

Aviod wetting the strings and especially the piano keys and action components.

Don't move the piano without due consideration of it's weight.

And please, don't carry out DIY repairs or try to tune the piano.


Finally, have your piano tuned regularly by a professionl piano tuner and simply enjoy the pleasure of playing your piano.





  • Can my old piano be tuned to concert pitch?

Older pianos usually go out of tune because the wrest plank and tuning pins can no longer sustain A440 (concert piitch).

However, older pianos can be tuned to themselves at below concert pitch and remain a playable musical instrument.


  • How often should I tune my Piano?

It’s generally accepted that all pianos need to be tuned regularly at six monthly intervals. This helps to keep the piano strings stable and the piano in tune.



  • My new piano has just been delivered, when should I have it tuned?

The piano strings require several weeks to settle after delivery & acclimatise to its new environment temperture & humidity before the piano is ready for its first tuning.



  • I have been offered a free piano, is this too good to be true?

You may hopefully be lucky and recieve a jolly good piano. However you may recieve a piano that requires costly repairs.  It's always wise to seek professional advice and an evaluation of the piano's condition before accepting it into your home.



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