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  • Dom Pipkin. Musical Director / Composer (Saturday, January 20 18 02:07 pm GMT)

    Hello Brian, I wanted to say that you’ve got a softness into my keys that wasn’t there before. I don’t know what is was / is but the result is really fab’ thank you

  • Meriel Avery, Brent Symphony Orchestra (Saturday, January 20 18 02:08 pm GMT)

    Brian, you were extremely helpful and went to great lengths to prepare our piano for concert and the result was fantastic. We really appreciated your expert advice and will definitely be coming to you in the future

  • Koji Morita, Churchill Primary School (Saturday, January 20 18 04:08 pm GMT)

    You were recommended to me by the Head of Music at the Pimlico Academy, thank you for doing a marvellous job of tuning and repairing our piano last month

  • Paul Mumford. Satellite Recording Studios (Sunday, January 21 18 05:18 pm GMT)

    Hi Brian
    I'd just like to say, you are a superb piano tuner and technician & a jolly nice fellow too!.

  • Betty. (Sunday, January 21 18 05:39 pm GMT)

    My Son Johua noticed immediately that the piano had been tuned when he practiced after school and was really delighted,

  • Jake (Sunday, January 21 18 05:46 pm GMT)

    Thanks Brian for all your help tuning our piano at the weekend, we were all very happy with how it's sounding now, you did an amazing job. Jake at the recording studio.

  • Michele (Sunday, January 21 18 06:15 pm GMT)

    Dear Mr Lettice, I just wanted to thank you for tuning our piano. It's unusual to have an expert be so forthcoming with honest and detailed information. I very much appreciated your explaining the intricacies of the piano mechanism, an incredibly impressive device ! I will be calling upon you when it comes time to move on to another instrument. It's good to know that I can rely upon you to make a better decision next time. Best wishes and thanks again,

  • Jesmin (Sunday, January 21 18 06:21 pm GMT)

    Hi Brian, thank you so much for fitting us in on a Bank holiday, I really appreciated your visit and my girls are thrilled with how much better the piano sounds. Many thanks.

  • David (Sunday, January 21 18 06:28 pm GMT)

    Thanks Brian, the piano's great, see you next time. Best wishes,

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