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Piano Chap Services: 

When I tune a customers piano for the first time, I include an envaluation of its general condition. I can offer discounts for multiple tunings at the same location, schools, churches, neighbours. A short notice tuning request for theatre, Studio & concert.

Also advise with, prepurchase / rental inspection & evaluation. Piano moving, repairs & restoration, french polishing, piano accessaries, suppling and fitting new piano caster wheels, safety upright brackets and Grand piano safety A frames.

Regular Tuning 

I provide 6 monthly / yearly tuning services to accomodate the requirements of domestic and commercial customers.

Pitch Raise Service

If your piano is not being regularly tuned it will ultimtly  require a 'Pitch Raise.This involves stretching the tension of the strings to the required pitch so that the piano sounds at its most optimum quality.

Repairs / Servicing

The piano is probably the most complex musical instrument invented and will require some measure of repair and adjustment (regulation) to maintain its condition.

Commercial & Multiple tunings

I prvide discounts for multiple tunings within the same location which is Ideal for schools on a tight budget !

Piano Removals

Pianos are extremely heavy and suprisingly awkward to move. In order to safely transport your piano it is recommended that you engage professional piano movers. 

Piano Restoration

Piano Restoration can be as simple as regulating the pianos action or as complicated as removing the frame and strings to repair the sound board. 

Piano Cleaning

Over the years an old piano will accumilate dirt, dust and even cobwebs that requiries careful cleaning without risking damage to the delicate componates of the piano.

French Polishing

French Polishing is a hand polishing techique which results in a very high quality finish for your piano.

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