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One of the main reason's why all pianos go out of tune is due to fluctuations in temperature / humidity. This causes the timber soundboard to expand and contract. This movement stretches and slackens the piano strings causing the pitch to either rise or fall, which in turn creates the need for jolly good Piano Tuner such as PianoChap!

PianoChap can also provide a range of other piano services.

Regular Tuning 

This service is suited to a piano which is regularly tuned twice a year

Pitch Raise Service

If your piano is not being regularly tuned it will most likely require a 'Pitch Raise'

This is because the tension in the strings will have substantially slackened, lowering the tone of the piano noticable.

Repairs / Servicing

The piano is probably the most complex musical instrument invented and will develop problems which will require minor repairs or adjustments. PianoChap is a CMIT Qualified piano Tuner and Technician and can resolve these issues for you. 

Commercial & Multiple tunings

Discounts for schools, churches and music teachers, including discounts for multiple tunings within the same area.

Book with a friend or neighbour and get 10% off!

Piano Removals

Pianos are extremely heavy and suprisingly awkward to move. In order to safely transport your piano it is recommended that you engage professional piano movers. 

Piano Restoration

Piano Restoration can be as simple as regulating the pianos action or as complicated as removing the frame and strings to repair the sound board. 

Piano Cleaning

Piano's  tend to accumilate dirt and dust, cobwebs, even mice droppings. By the time I've finished stripping down and cleaning a piano for a customer, the piano looks, feels and smells clean and a pleasure to play.


French Polishing

French Polishing is a hand polishing techique which results in a very high quality finish for your piano.

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